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Tourism being one of the fastest growing industries in Uganda...Full article

2. Tooro Kingdom

Tooro is the youngest of Uganda’s traditional kingdoms ruled aptly by the world’s full article

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The Bakonjo and Bamba are Bantu and they are said to have full article

4. The Baatwa Tribe

The Batwa are the most ancient inhabitants of the interlacustrine...Full article


Tomaz Safaris

We make your African dream come true | Photo Gallery | Amazing Destinations


Tomaz safaris  is a local leading  Ugandan based tour and travel establishment meant for tourists interested in East African nature and culture. Reservations | Golf Course Hotel

We exist to extend services to first time and returning visitors through provision of distinguished already existing and untapped tourism product. We aim at providing truly exceptional travel experiences with focusing on adventure and nature experiences exploring undiscovered parts of the world We package multiple attractions at affordable prices.

We specialize in understanding the needs of our clients and we offer tailor made products to suit the needs of our clientele. Being one of the most professional and trusted companies in Uganda and around; we offer our experience with passion in planning your Uganda Safari! Let it be a short excursion or a long vacation in Uganda we have the best package offer for you! What you really need to do is contact us and express your... more here



The Pearl of Africa - Visit our Photo Gallery | Click Photo to Enlarge

With Uganda’s affluence of  attractions, a single visit is not enough to ascertain the disclosures that we have to offer in the mountains and The mountains and heavens of Expectancy in the game parks. Uganda has always been the most thrilling of all the African safari destinations. Take time off to a Uganda Safari, discover a lifetime of memories, be welcomed by our smiles.


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This award winning adventure Safari Company offers world-class standards in luxury accommodation, exceptional close wildlife encounters, personal more

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