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Tourism being one of the fastest growing industries in Uganda...Full article

2. Tooro Kingdom

Tooro is the youngest of Uganda’s traditional kingdoms ruled aptly by the world’s full article

3. Tribes in Uganda

The Bakonjo and Bamba are Bantu and they are said to have full article

4. The Baatwa Tribe

The Batwa are the most ancient inhabitants of the interlacustrine...Full article


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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Trekking gorillas is a must do activity especially for first time tourists, trust me Gorillas are just so fascinating you will not stop wondering or thinking about them, you might find yourself so connected and addicted to trekking them. These are the original inhabitant of Bwindi impenetrable forest like to spend their days at home with the family. They live in close-knit groups of five to 30 gorillas led by a patriarch - the large, dominant male called a silverback because of the distinctive grey saddle pattern that grows in at maturity.

Even when they wander, gorillas rarely venture far - usually staying within a range of roughly 15 square miles in search of the shoots and berries they live on. painful to say because come on they more


Cultural Trips
Tomaz safaris brings culture trips, Uganda is made up of a diverse range of ethnic groups. Lake Kyoga forms the northern boundary for the Bantu-speeking peoples, who dominate much of east, central and southern Africa. In Uganda, they include the Baganda and several other tribes. In the north live the Lango and the Acholi, who speak Nilotic languages. To the east are the Iteso and Karamojong, who speak a Nilotic language. A few Pygmies live isolated in the rainforests of western Uganda.

Uganda being a heterogeneous country, although Baganda, banyankore, basoga, Batooro, bakiga, bateso are the common and count to the largest percentage, has 56 tribes and each of this tribe has they own language, culture and norms! You can imagine now why Uganda is called the pearl of more

Out of the 56 known tribes, Uganda has with at least 40 languages in usage. However Luganda is the most common language because it is spoken countrywide. English is the official language of Uganda, but only Ugandans who have got a chance can speek and write it. Access to economic and political power is almost impossible without having mastered the English language to people who speak it, those who don’t understand the English language are stupid and vulnerable as they are locked out from the outside world.


The East African lingua franca Swahili is relatively widespread as a trade language and was made an official national language of Uganda in September 2005.Luganda, a language widespread in central Uganda, has been the official vernacular language in education for central Uganda for a long time and local media broadcast in Luganda and English.

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