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1. Accommodation

Tourism being one of the fastest growing industries in Uganda...Full article

2. Tooro Kingdom

Tooro is the youngest of Uganda’s traditional kingdoms ruled aptly by the world’s full article

3. Tribes in Uganda

The Bakonjo and Bamba are Bantu and they are said to have full article

4. The Baatwa Tribe

The Batwa are the most ancient inhabitants of the interlacustrine...Full article


Trip Style

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Luxury Trip Style
This award winning adventure Safari Company offers world-class standards in luxury accommodation, exceptional close wildlife encounters, personal service and delicious cuisine.

Soft Adventure
We designed soft adventure as a package that gives the opportunity to experience memorable adventures without the hassle of pre-planning or the requirement for specific skills or training. Suitable for all ages, including children there is a lower level of risk, greater comfort in accommodations and includes activities that are less physically rigorous.


Or as we like to put it, its adventure without the cold cup of tea and soggy sandwich but with the creature comforts you have come to enjoy, after all you are on holiday! We have first-class hotels and lodges rated five stars in all the destinations you love to adventure. Transport is made even more comfortable with our 4WD in perfect conditions, hire helicopters to distant destinations and luxurious boats for water transport.

Our team will be delighted to meet and travel with you to destinations of your interest. This is a special package for travelers who desire less stressful adventures in more comfortable way than the usual ones.

We have a selection of tours to Western Uganda, and the islands of Uganda for singles, couples or the whole family, all of which can be tailored to meet your requirements. We hope they will inspire to you to discover places you had not yet thought of!















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