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From: Esther Mwangi

Joshua and Amos,


I take this opportunity to thank you for your support throughout our stay till the end of the conference. Your corporation and support is appreciated – continue in the spirit you have shown. Amos and Joshua – You have been extremely patient with me and want to specially thank you for all the assistance you have accorded me. Kindly pass my gratitude to the front office personnel, the catering team and all those who have made our stay so very comfortable. Special mention of Tom who has handled us very well amid a lot of pressure. We appreciate his input. Wish you every success now and in the future – You are the best! We could not have been happier!


Thanks and Regards
Esther Mwangi
2nd EA Sanitation Conference Organizer
Nairobi Kenya


From: Amos Kiyingi
Subject: Appreciation for Excellence Service

For the Attention of Mr. Virdee (MD)

I was part of the group of over twenty United Nations personnel that stayed at our Hotel for a workshop between 26-29 January 2009. In addition to the excellence service provided by the Golf Course Hotel Staff, I would want to comment on the outstanding service provided by tomazsafaris team. Tomaz Safaris provided transportation both to and from the airport for the delegates, who traveled on the different flights and at different times. He also took charge of organizing a tour of some of Kampala’s interesting sites for some delegates on the last afternoon of our stay. His positive attitude and friendliness were appreciated by all of us. It is my belief that Tomas Safaris Limited compliments the good services provided by Golf Course Hotel and Hope to use their services in the future when I am next in Kampala.
With best regards


Amos Kiyingi
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
New York, USA


From: Lukasz Beben
Subject: Thank You for Excellent Service
Importance: High

For the Attention of Mr. Virdee (MD)


Dear Sir it is my intention, with this email correspondence, to thank your for the excellent service your hotel provided us when we stayed in Kampala. I also wish to draw your attention to the excellent service provided by Tomaz Safaris Team. I really appreciate their friendliness hospitality and all-round brilliant attitude when dealing with myself and my audit team (of 6 members). I really think Tomaz Safaris is a tremendous asset to your establishment and look forward to using both of your services in time to come. Thanks again from myself and my superior (Mr. Ian Reynolds, Director at Price Waterhouse Coopers – Southern Africa)


Kind Regards
Lukasz Beben
Assurance-Audit, Engagement Manager
Price Waterhouse Coopers – South Africa (Auditor to MTN Group) Gauteng – Sunninghill


From: Golf Course Hotel Management
Subject: Job Well Done



The Management hereby wishes to bring to your attention the most favorable comments from hotel Guest Mr. RL Kgosinkwe who stayed in the hotel from 21st Nov 09 to 21st Nov 09. The Management is highly impressed with your professionalism and courtesy your showed to this guest.
The management is extremely impressed with you for a job well done. Keep it up


Nathaniel Tsimbiri
Hotel Manage


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