A herd of elephants in Murchison Falls National Park amble past in single file; the calves, some holding onto their mother’s tails with their trunks, shielded by the protective adults. Reaching the Nile, a bull elephant indulges in a mud bath while the others get down to some serious bathing.

On one bank of the river a pod of hippos moved restlessly in the water becoming uneasy as our boat approached them. Some threw their heads back, and then off to one side before running up the river in the thigh deep water.


We could only imagine how comically their short legs worked beneath the surface of the Nile, but watch the bow waves pillowing off their front quarters and the water birds scattering out of the way of their much larger neighbours.


The Murchison National park is suited in the northern part of Albertine Rift Valley. A place where the massive Bunyoro escarpment amalgamate into the enormous plains of Acholi land. It’s well known to be one of Uganda’s ancient conservation areas. In 1926, it was known as a game reserve set up to protect the savannah grassland that was talked about by Winston Church chill in 1907 as the great Kew Gardens along with the wildlife blended on an restricted land .


The park is acknowledged for receiving prominent international visitors. Winston Churchill is a great man who is accredited for having done activities such as boat cruise, hiking as well as cycling the Nile corridor of the falls. Later on, he was followed by his predecessor who is believed for have spent a lot of money US$1.8m on his hunting safari in Uganda. In 1951, a movie was shot with background scenery of the Murchison falls that was Humphrey Bogart in John Huston’s prominent movie. Another movie was the African Queen which was shot on the vicinity of the Murchison Nile along with Lake Albert. Other vital visitors include the Prince of Wales, Edward VII in 1930, Queen Mother in 1959 and the British royals In 1954, Ernest Hemingway also visited park. The aim of his visit was to enjoy the adventure waterfalls although his plan got a problem on his way to venture the beautiful scenery of Park. Hemingway and the wife survived and where taken to Butiaba hospital for some treatment. Unfortunately the plan crushed.


The park covers an area of about 3,893km2 and its known to be one of Uganda’s well protected area. This area is an addition  to Murchison falls thus covering an area of about 5,072km2 including Bugungu  as well as Karuma wildlife reserves.


The Albert Nile corridor is on the low plains of about 612m at delta point. The temperatures tend to be hot with a maximum of 29Oc and the affected months are December,mid February, June as well as July. The rainy season is between April and November.



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