Mount Rwenzori also known as “the mountain of the moon” is bisected by Uganda and the democratic republic of Congo though the biggest portion about three quarters of the mountain is found in western Uganda. Besides having a good scenery, Rwenzori mountain national park has diverse tourism attractions, amongst others are the regional glacial, waterfalls, lakes and the peaks Margherita and Alexandra on mount Stanly with glacial on mountains Emin, Gessi and Langi Da Savoia are just too awesome.

In AD150, The Alexandrine photographer Ptolemy wrote of snow capped mountain range, deep in the heart of Africa that he claimed was the source of the Nile and which he called mountain of the moon. Over the centuries, this curious nation of tropical snow faded into mythology and when John Speke found the Nile’s exit from Lake Victoria, a place in fiction of mountain of the moon seemed assured. But then, in1889, Henry Stanly merged from central Africa to announce that such a mountain did not exist. He marked it by its local name Reinjure- or “rain maker”

The mountain has a very unique history of origin. Besides being the source of the legend of the mountain of the moon, not volcano in origin mount Rwenzori rises from lift valley floor and their formation like that of mountains Kilimanjaro and Kenya are linked with upheaval that create a lift valley. Mount Rwenzori is known for challenging hiking and diverse biodiversity (flora and fauna)elephants, golden cat, servilline genet, the giant forest hog primates like the colobus, blue monkey, chimpanzees, the Rwenzori is home to 241 bird species of which 19 are endemic to the mountain.

This remarkable landscape is bisected by Uganda- Congo border which passes through mount Stanly the highest peak. The Ugandan Rwenzori is protected by the Rwenzori mountains national park and, in Congo by the virunga national park. The park can be explored along 7 day trail of meander along the Mabuku and the Bujuku valleys beneath the highest peaks. Though distances are short, the terrain, altitude and weather combine to create a tough trek, the difficult of which can’t be underestimated.

Getting there and away
Rwenzori mountains national park lies a few kilometers north of the equator rising over4000meters above the floor of the Albertine rift valley. From Kampala, the park is reached via fort portal in the north 375km or the south passing through Mbarara and queen Elizabeth national park (450km) Nyakalangila IS 17KM off Kasese- fort portal road and 25 north of can be arranged from Entebbe (visit Uganda offices).


Where to stay
Up market –RMS safari lodge (5 cottages)
Budget- base comp (15 rooms), ruboni campsite, Rwenzori turaco camp


What to carry
Climbing boots
Ice boxes
Walking sticks
This can be hired from visit Uganda safaris head quarters -Entebbe.

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