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Tourism being one of the fastest growing industries in Uganda...Full article

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Tooro is the youngest of Uganda’s traditional kingdoms ruled aptly by the world’s full article

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The Bakonjo and Bamba are Bantu and they are said to have full article

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Mother Uganda

With Uganda’s affluence of  attractions, a single visit is not enough to ascertain the disclosures that we have to offer in the mountains and The mountains and heavens of Expectancy in the game parks. Uganda has always been the most thrilling of all the African safari destinations. Take time off to a Uganda Safari, discover a lifetime of memories, be welcomed by our smiles.

Lake Bunyonyi the jewel of Western Uganda

Come, sit down, relax or have a swim in one of Africa's prettiest lakes, Lake Bunyonyi in south-western Uganda! On its shores, Bunyonyi Overland Resort is offering you a base to explore the lake, or a wonderful stop-over on your way to Mountain Gorillas. It can be your destination to spend some nights, but also a place for a nice day visit.


Bunyonyi Overland Resort is ecologically built, with local materials. It is locally owned and provides important employment opportunities for the people around the lake. The lake has no bilharzia, no crocodiles, no hippos, and due to its altitude malaria is rather scarce - you could hardly find a friendlier body of water on our continent. Bunyonyi means "the place of little birds", and it definitely deserves such a name!


Getting there and away: From Kampala to Kabale
Kabale is situated about 410 kilometres south-west of Kampala. After you cross the equator you drive through Masaka and later Mbarara on a good tarmac road. There is plenty of public transport (buses and minivans) that travel this route daily in both directions.


From Kabale to Bunyonyi Overland Resort:
Go through the town centre following the main road, then take a turn left at the Y junction 0,5 km outside the town (towards Kisoro). At the junction, there is a yellow sign "BUNYONYI RESORT". Some 4 kilometres later, at the top of the hill, you will see a stunning view of Lake Bunyonyi. Continue down towards the lake for 3 more km following our yellow signposts. If you are relying on public means, you can take a matatu (a truck) every Monday and Friday for 500 Uganda Shillings from the main market. There are also daily scheduled departures from Highland Business Centre at 9.30 AM and 4.30 PM at a cost of 3,000 per person one way. At any time a special hire can be arranged there at 10,000 per vehicle one way. If you are lucky, you can as well get a free ride from Highland Business Centre between noon and 1.00 PM in the supply vehicle of the camp (depending on the availability of space).


Bunyonyi Overland Resort:
camping (tap running water, hot showers, flushing toilets), accommodation in furnished tents and cottages, secure car park, good meals and snacks, the former include the famous fresh crayfish right from the lake, fully stocked bar with cold drinks, spacious snack bar with a fireplace, conference space, crafts shop, picnic and relaxation areas, volleyball, badminton, indoor games, swimming, canoeing, boat-motor hire, bird watching, mountain biking, fishing, tortoise pond, good collection of reading materials
travel information, satellite TV, grocery with all essentials, storage or safe custody, transportation (car hire and taxi), laundry, first aid, emergency contacts, 24 hour security, 24/7 internet connection Ugsh 100/- per minute.

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