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With Uganda’s affluence of  attractions, a single visit is not enough to ascertain the disclosures that we have to offer in the mountains and The mountains and heavens of Expectancy in the game parks. Uganda has always been the most thrilling of all the African safari destinations. Take time off to a Uganda Safari, discover a lifetime of memories, be welcomed by our smiles.

Snake Park homes 15 specie of snakes

We make your African dream come true | Photo Gallery

For Ms Charlotte Kyaterekera Nankunda, the founder and managing director of Kampala Snake Park, it was a dream come true when she received an operating certificate for her park from the Uganda Wildlife Authority two years ago.


While on a retreat to Nairobi, Ms Nankunda developed a strong conviction for wildlife and on return to Uganda with the help of her husband, she took on the project, leading to the birth of Snake Park.


Together with her sister Ms Sheba Mugisa, Ms Nankunda, a graduate of secretarial studies has managed to turn the snake park into a modern Uganda tourist site. Its uniqueness is enough to catch anyone’s eyes. Built from the (Masengere) brown stones, the 22 cages are home to 15 species of snakes that have been displaced from their habitants by the human population.


Inside the cages tree branches, sand, grass, stone and water give the snakes a conducive environment built with a purpose to accommodate snakes from different climatic conditions. Kampala Snake Park is home to most of Africa’s snake species including; the forest cobra, olive snake, green mamba, Jameson’s mamba, bush viper, African rock python, rhinoceros viper, twig snake boiga and four leopard tortoises.


Mr. Godfrey Musese, a Snake Park attendant says these reptiles have been rescued from non-reserve areas and plans are under way to mobilise space for lizards and other reptile species.


He says they have a target to bring 60 snake species and other species of reptiles. “Some of these snakes are brought in from Kenya though majorities are sourced from their natural homes in Uganda,” he adds. The snakes usually feed once in two weeks, served with chicken, rats, lizards and Squirrels. The African rock python is fed on goat’s meat.

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