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In the rift valley

Close to the Rwenzori Mountains and the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo lies the Breathtaking Semiliki National Park.


The vegetation shares many similarities with the great Ituri forest. The Tropical low land species can be seen here. The hot springs found there are a main feature of the Park and have amazing facts. The springs can be used to boil many foods like atooke and eggs. You may want to carry some eggs with you on your tour to the park. This reserve is also home to the rare Shoebill stork.

Uganda, The Pearl of Africa

With Uganda’s affluence of  attractions, a single visit is not enough to ascertain the disclosures that we have to offer in the mountains and The mountains and heavens of Expectancy in the game parks. Uganda has always been the most thrilling of all the African safari destinations. Take time off to a Uganda Safari, discover a lifetime of memories, be welcomed by our smiles....come to Uganda Gifted by Nature! Not yet discovered by many tourists, Uganda is still untouched and pure.


It is a country of many surprises, with rolling hills, sparkling crater lakes, abundant wildlife and of courses the endangered mountain gorillas. Moreover, Uganda is still authentic, lush green and home to the friendliest people of the continent. Uganda with her game-filled plains, beautiful landscape, think natural forest and the great wild thrilling white water on the Nile and the calm waters of waters of the lakes are some one of the most exciting safari destinations you'll ever experience.


Uganda is far your favorite country. Kampala is a great city, never felt threatened. Jinja - by the source of the Nile - beautiful place and serious grade 5 white water rafting (not for the faint hearted) you have Queen Elizabeth national park for safaris. On top of all these great places the kind people will make your trip memorable.





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